Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Makayla

Well our little girl is not so little anymore. Miss Makayla turned 8 yesterday (sigh). She is truly becoming a wonderful young lady. She has such a fun personality and is full of spunk. For her birthday this year she wanted an American Girl Doll. As you can tell from the look on her face, she got just what she wanted. She is at such a fun stage where she isn't quite into the sassy older kid phase, but not quite a little girl anymore. Other than the fact that she wakes up like a bear in the morning she is a joy to be around, very helpful, and kind to here brothers and sister. We love you Makayla.


So just a quick catch up... we started the year off with a bang. No really, the ladder slid out from under Mitch while he was taking down the Christmas lights and he fell from the roof and broke his foot. This kind of put a damper on our skiing season. We have still had our fun up on the mountain, just not as much as we could have. Here are a few picks from this season.

His foot has healed up nicely and now we are ready for spring. Over the past few months we've been having a great time. Hanna had a soccer tournament down in St. George over President's Day weekend. Her team played great and had alot of fun.

Mitch celebrated a birthday on Feb. 21st. We spent the day skiing and cupcakes for dessert. I think he had a pretty good birthday.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Yeah I know it is long over due... coming soon. I promise!

Friday, April 23, 2010

We interrupt this blog to bring you SOCCER SEASON

Up here in Utah soccer is in the spring instead of summer. Our lives have become absolutely insanely crazy busy. I can't complain because we love soccer, but let me complain for just a minute. All four kids are playing this year by there choice and I can not believe how busy we are. We have 8 games and 5 practices a week. That more than doubles our normal after school and weekend activities. We only have about four weeks left and after that I no I will miss it, but I might just be crazy (or crazier) by then. Ok enough complaining. The kids all love it. Hanna is playing goalie this year for the first time and is doing quite well. The others kind of rotate positions. Dallin has scored a few goals and Ty and Meeka are working on it. Mitch is coaching Tyler's team again this year and helping a little with the others. When the weather is nice we really enjoy watching the games, but rain, snow and wind are not so much fun. So if I don't blog for a while or answer the phone or door, you know why. Here's to a successful and busy soccer season. Go team! Oh I mean TEAMS!!

Hanna's Birthday

Little miss Hanna Banana turned 9 a few weeks ago. I can not believe how grown up she is getting. She is as tall as her big brother and easily a strong a he is. On the rare occasion that she actually lets me fix her hair for her I have to have her sit down on a step stool to see the top of her head. I have no doubt that she will pass me up. Hanna's loves right now are soccer, gymnastics, reading and friends. She is a very self motivated person and rarely has to be reminded to do anything. She is also a busy, busy, busy girl. Competitive soccer keeps her busy almost ever night of the week. She is very cheerful and easy to get along with. Hanna is also wonderful with the kids and LOVES babies and younger children. Can't wait until she is old enough to babysit. We love having Hanna in our family. We celebrated this year with a joint party with cousin Abbie and lots of family. A friend party will follow when we find time. Any party suggestions for 9 year old girls?

Spring Break

Spring Break came and went in a flash. We stayed home this year and just hung out. We worked in the yard, watched movies, went swimming, played with friends, soccer soccer and more soccer, played at first dam, celebrated birthdays and had lots of family over. It was a nice little teaser as to what the summer will be like. We didn't get nearly as much "spring cleaning" done as I wanted to, but it sure was relaxing. Summer get here quick.

Catch Up

Ok, so it has been a few weeks since I have had time to sit down and blog. Just a quick catch up on what we have been up to. Easter/Conference weekend was wonderful. We had a great time watching conference and celebrating Easter. The kids participated in a few egg hunts (in the snow) and we had a yummy Easter dinner with the family. The kids also decorated eggs and really enjoyed there Easter baskets. (This might be the last year they get them) All in all it was a great weekend with lots of fun memories.